2015 Reading Round-up 2 – Figures!

Oh, how much virtual ink have I spilled over the years waxing lyrical about my spreadsheet! So no reading round-up would be complete without a summary of last year’s key figures. That said I don’t have the enthusiasm for it that I once did. I still like recording it, and seeing my progress over the year, but I’m not sure if anyone else really cares – we’ll see I guess.

So I do have a 2014 spreadsheet but it’s incomplete. So here’s a comparison with 2013:

2015 2013
Total reading time 227:59:00 224:29:00
Mins per/day 38 37
Pages/hour 47 44
Pages read 10656 9918
Pages that count 10003 8961
Pages/day 29.36 27.32
Books 31 28
Av. length 315.84 313.07
One book every … days 11.71 12.96
Reading days 153 150
Time per/reading day 01:29:24 01:29:48
Pages/reading day 70 66
Longest gap 33 20
Av score (/10) 7.2 7.0
“25 Books” score 64 55

The thing that jumps out at me there is that there’s virtually no difference. I managed to read 3 more books but did it mostly by reading a little bit faster.

The “25 Books” score goes back to my original reading target blog project of 2009 and the rules I established there. According to the current version of the formula, I get 1 pt per 100pages over 5000 that I read, 1 pt per days read over 85 (to a maximum of 15), and either 1, 2, 5 or 10 pts based on average length (the thresholds are 300,325,350, 375 and 500). I don’t pay much attention to it any more but the spreadsheet calculates it so it’s easy to report.

Despite my best efforts my “everything is a 7” theory of scoring seems to hold true. I did have a 9 this year, but also a few 6s. The rest were 7s and 8s. This is always going to be skewed by the fact that a 5 or below would need an extra special reason to finish it. Especially now with my more relaxed attitude.

Anyway, that’s the numbers if you care, next is the books themselves!

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