2015 Reading Round-up 4 – the Melissa Awards

Longest Book Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. A whopping 1024 pages. Probably the longest I’ve ever read.

Shortest Book: The Tiny Wife (80 pages) Unlike previous winners this is an actual book not a graphic novel.

Favourite Book: Station Eleven, which is new this year, and Rivers of London overall.

Worst Book: Touch – not terrible but it forced to me slog to the end.

Best Find/SurpriseWitches Abroad for a re-read that was better than originally. Station Eleven because I wasn’t expecting a “literary” SciFi book to be that good. But for a book not in another category Steelheart. I genuinely wasn’t sure what it’d be like and it was good.

Biggest DisappointmentTouch I expected more of given Harry August but I’ll give this to Turnabout. I expected to “get” the humour more.

Books to Donate to Charity: I think I only read one paper book which wasn’t a library book and that was How to be Good which I’ll keep. However consigned to the virtual Oxfam Shop is Something Wicked This Way Comes, because I didn’t enjoy it that much but someone else would.

Book it Took Me Longest to FinishSpace Captain Smith took 36 days, but that includes a pause and a re-start from the beginning.

Quickest ReadFunny Girl, Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World and Just One Damned Thing After Another all took under a day.

Most Satisfying Read: City of Stairs – because a) I read it a little bit a day at a time when I was struggling to read, b) it’s not in any other category and c) it’s good!

And finally… the category that in many ways defines these awards Book with the Most Anal Sexno winner. My reading habits must be getting tame in my old age!

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