How to Improve as a Writer

“Just write every day, and read more often than you write”


I haven’t been very good at writing or reading lately. On the writing front I’ve only managed to edit a couple of stories and submit them to the Whittaker. That wasn’t my intent when joining it but at least it keeps me in the competition. If this is a temporary blip then I won’t have forfeit my place, if it isn’t then I’ll withdraw gracefully.

Having set aside The Crow Road I’ve not read any of Rum Doodle for the past couple of weeks. Thing is it’s a short book so I ought to be able to knock it on the head in a couple of hours. Might be an assignment for a rainy Bank Holiday weekend.

It’s not just reading and writing either. I haven’t watched a full length movie in ages. My MythTV box current has 80+ movies waiting to be watched. When I’m looking at the latest upcoming listings I’m choosing movies more often than other types of program to record. True this varies from “I really want to see that” to “might be worth a look” but none of them are getting a look right now.

It’s that whole short attention span thing. Must work on that.


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3 Responses to How to Improve as a Writer

  1. institutrice says:

    I am the same way. The only way I end up writing every day is for my blog, but I have other projects I want/need to work on. Have you read Write; Ten Days to Overcome Writer’s Block. Period. by Karen Paterson? It explains how the two sides of the brain “argue” about either working on a task or procrastinating. It is interesting. She has another book called The Write Type, but I haven’t finished it. (I’m not so good at talking my right brain out of putting off work for fun. 😉 )

  2. shuggie says:

    Thanks for the comment.

    I may look up the books you mention – though my writing is sort of on hold at the moment. It’s hard work and my pay-the-bills job is taking enough out of my right now. I need to work up a head of enthusiasm again.

    Listen to me – I got this procrastination excuse thing down, don’t I?

  3. institutrice says:

    LOL, I hear ya! 😉

    The teacher next door to me often writes on his hallway message board, “Procrastinators of the World, UNITE! Tomorrow.” Perfect.

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