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2015 Reading Round-up 1 – General Thoughts

Well, regardless of whatever else I do with my blog I always knew this would be the first post of 2016. The headline is: I read 31 books last year and I am pleased with that! General Observations Before I dive … Continue reading

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New Blog (Same as the Old Blog)

Hi. Welcome. If you’re new, doubly welcome. This is the new home for my blog. Which I do intend to update more than once a year, honest! I’m still thinking about what with exactly but that’s part of the fun, … Continue reading

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All You Need is Kill, Hiroshi Sakurazaka

All You Need is Kill is the book the movie Edge of Tomorrow is based on. Here’s my review. Continue reading

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2014 Reading Reviews Redux

resists the powerful urge to apologise for lack of blog post, at the top of a new blog post except I guess I just did… I wrote on Facebook a while back that I was all set to write a blog post, … Continue reading

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Typical Saturday Morning

06:27[1] – wake up to alarm. Takes me a minute to realise that it’s not a running day. Switch off the alarm, start to head back to bed[2], turn around, go back and switch off the second alarm (7:36) as … Continue reading

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RIP Robin Williams

Sitting here, thinking about my reaction to the sad Robin Williams news. I “heard” first thing this morning when I checked my phone for new podcasts and saw the latest episode of Marc Maron’s WTF was called “Remembering Robin Williams”. … Continue reading

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So…* I was going to publish my review of the book wot I read and then I noticed something. My last post was number 499. I decided I had to make post 500 count. I decided I had to think of … Continue reading

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A book! Was Read!! By ME!!! Yep. I finished The Martian by Andy Weir and I’m pleased that I did. I may even review it. Or maybe I’ll read another one.

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A New Start

Er hello. Been a while. Again. I’ve been thinking about this blog and how I’ve not posted for a while and how that’s because I’ve not read much and am unsure what else, if anything, I want to post here. … Continue reading

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…and Again

Another day, another friend, another nice conversation. I am really blessed.

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