Buffy Empowers Women to Leave the Church

I’ve got to say this raised a smile. Here’s a slightly more sensible reporting of the same story. Apparently women are leaving the Church of England twice as fast as men and following Wicca instead because Buffy made it cool. Or something.

It made me laugh because

a) blaming it on Buffy is silly (though that’s just the tabloid-headline-grabbing meme there’s a reasonable point of view in there somewhere) and

b) on SoF we’ve just finished one of the regular rounds of “Why are there so few men in the Church?” discussions. It’s going to be a shock to some to learn that it’s women not men leaving in droves.

Oh well, I guess soon nearly everyone will have left but at least there’ll be gender equality. In the meantime I gotta say it, in the words of my favourite Wicca:

“Bored Now!”

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