Buffy WAS a Good Show After All

I came here to write another post but saw what the last one was and I couldn’t just leave it there.

So a quick update. I did go on to watch more S7. In fact I was soon doing that thing where I say, “just one more episode”. Which is good. Which is what I was looking for. It just took longer to kick in than I was expecting.

I went on to read S8 – the comic books – which I’d started before but never finished. I recall that at the time they were coming out I was frustrated by the format. You would get a new issue every 4-6 weeks (or longer). And an issue would amount to the equivalent of 5-10mins of time. So it felt really drawn out. But read in large chunks when I had the whole season was much more like watching the show. And it felt a lot like that too. The feeling of being in that world with those characters was pretty much the same. Not surprising I suppose given that it was Joss and lot of the writers from the show itself.

I’ve also got S9 lying around, which at some point I’ll read but I’m taking a break for now.

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