L3 Week 21 – Life, and Other Interruptions to Dieting

Before I typed up last week’s results, whilst I was still out on my walk in fact I got a rather worrying phonecall. My dad had had a heart attack. He’s fine, they got him to hospital and did an angioplasty and inserted a stent and he’s doing well.

But obviously it was a worrying for a time there. Also, I was due to go up for the Family Reunion (basically a meal out at a hotel) anyway – which I did, and it was nice to see dad and see he was doing ok.

At first I tried to tell myself that this is the sort of thing where I need to continue the diet because if I let these sort of “events” throw me off course then it’s a slippery slope and there’s always something to worry about (hopefully not many so major though). Even knowing that though, and I think knowing that I’d be going home and having basically a freebie weekend anyway meant that I sort of gave up really. I didn’t even weigh myself yesterday as I’d spent the day travelling back and was too tired to want to think about the consequence of weighing (i.e. writing this)

So I weighed myself this morning and, all-in-all, it’s not so bad. I have put weight back on, but I’m still 3stone down.

But I do need to get back on the straight and narrow. Particularly since in a week’s time I’ve got a night out followed by a week spent with M. If I make the whole week a freebie I won’t lose weight, but I haven’t traditionally been great at staying sensible whilst going to these social things. But it’s unlikely that’ll I’ll have two things together like this for a while, so I may just take the hit and start again the week after.

We’ll see. Overall I am still determined that L3 will be a success but it’s about a downward long term trend and that sometimes means being a little relaxed about individual weeks.

Lost: -1.5lbs
Lost so far: 42lbs
Average Weekly Loss: 2.0lbs
Weight: 262.2lbs (18st 10lb)

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