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What I did Tonight

So tonight M. sent me two photos she had. This one was taken on Sat 16th Aug 2008 – about 1 month before I started dieting: and then this one was taken on 10th January 2009 – about a month … Continue reading

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Son of Flubbage

When I re-(x3)-launched the blog I promised myself that I’d curb the self-indulgence and reduce the ratio of flubbageousness to actual content. However having had a little run of review posts I think I’ve earned a small amount of flubbage-iosity. … Continue reading

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Sorry about the title. It’s not a reference to Flubber honest. It’s sort of inspired by “phlebotinum” mixed with a desperate desire not to entitle this “Random Musings #23916753″[1] It’s also an attempt to not let a week go by … Continue reading

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