The Death of Flubbage

I’ve decided to ditch the term flubbage and start allowing myself to blog on the topics I used it to describe.

Flubbage is a typical me word – it’s an attempt to be cutesy, slightly silly and self-consciously quirky. And whilst I can be all those things that’s not all I am. And if I categorise all writing on my personal life as such then aren’t I being a little too self-deprecating?

OK it’s still true that most random visitors here probably aren’t that interested in my life per se. But that doesn’t make it, or what I feel and therefore write about it, trivial.

Besides which, making it a good read is at least as much about the writing as the topic. Which isn’t to say I think I can necessarily wow the RVs but then I’m not sure my reviews of books, TV and movies are either.

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