Typical Saturday Morning

06:27[1] – wake up to alarm. Takes me a minute to realise that it’s not a running day. Switch off the alarm, start to head back to bed[2], turn around, go back and switch off the second alarm (7:36) as it’s not a work day either.

08:00 – wake up after disturbing dream. Not a nightmare exactly just weird and offputting. Decide to try to re-enter sleep and “fix” situation with a “better dream”. (This logic demonstrates how awake I really was)

08:30 – second, more disturbing dream. Try again with the “fix”.

09:00 – a couple more attempts at the above.

09:50 – wake from most disturbing dream yet[3] Starting to try to fall asleep again when I realise I’ve crossed that threshold where I’m now awake. Pick up the tablet.

10:00 – read my email. Got one from Quora with an article about whether to choose Python as a programming language. Follow the link, read a couple of interesting responses, one links to a Youtube video from 2008 of Steve Yegge discussing Dynamic Programming languages. I can’t quite see from the embedded player how long it is but obviously I’m not going to watch it all.

11:20 – Watched the whole thing – was 1:10ish. (extra time is for starting, stopping a couple of times whilst looking up stuff he said)

11:30 – Look up Steve Yegge for more recent videos or other info. Find an infamous G+ blog post he wrote in Oct 2011 about What Amazon gets right that Google doesn’t. Quickly realise I’ve seen this before, continue anway. Partly watch this on youtube – until I realise watch a video of digital voices read scrolling text is stupid[4] and find the “original” online and read it.

12:00 – Put the tablet down and get out of bed. Shower etc and get coffee.

12:15 – Sit down at my desk and turn on my main PC. Do a “round” of the usual sites – check email, Facebook, G+, Shipoffools, Serial sub-reddit.

12:45 – Remember that I’d wanted to look up a reference Yegge had made to Stallman creating a controversey over Tcl. Look it up and read.

12:50 – Look up Wikipedia entry on Stallman.

13:10 – Look up Wikipedia entry on Linus Torvalds.

13:30 – Wikipedia rabbit-hole, following links from the above articles to various old controversies, terms I don’t quite recognise, other things of interest.

14:00 – Close several tabs about systemd and wonder how I always end up doing this. Decide it would make a good topic for a tweet.

14:05 – check Twitter

14:23 – Remembering that I’m not concise enough for Twitter, start writing this post.

14:46 – talk to friend briefly on FB. Hi Andy!!

14:54 – Finished draft of this post

15:23 – Finished formatting this post.[5]

Point of this – nothing really. Just observing how easily time goes by.

[1] All times that end in 5 or 0 are estimates, others are precise because I looked at the clock or whatever.
[2] Because my alarm is the other side of the room otherwise I’d slap it with a flailing arm, turn over and go back to sleep.
[3]discovered a secret room in my house that’s always been there and is full of dirty washing up from previous occupant. Surprisingly discarded food has not rotted but has given rise to a plague of bright green lizards. Person from property management company (cos in this dream apparently I rent) looks on disapprovingly.
[4] Seriously what’s that about? Using text-to-speech is one thing, using a rotating series of voices… and how about matching the scroll speed to the voice speed rather than inserting long spaces every so often??
[5] Including finding the links, which were of course tabs I had had open and have closed so now have to go search for! 
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